Seven Day Detox

When we look at the idea of changing anything in our lives, it's only going to work if our change of behavior, attitude, opinion, good intention, lasts longer than the usual millisecond that we often work in.

Real change lasts! Effective change takes the person committing to a process of change.
For example, the apostle Paul didn't just meet up with Jesus in an amazing encounter, go on to Damascus and three days later was out looking for Christians to persecute!
The same is true for us, if we set ourselves this week to believe for change, then we must add some work to our faith!
It's the fact that having faith alone, does not prove anything unless we back up our belief with the appropriate actions necessary to bring about the desired result!
Take for example the scripture in James 2:14-19 that talks about a believer who sees a man lying in the cold hungry and destitute and says to him "Depart friend, be no longer hungry and feel warm but doesn't give the man any food or clothes or money!”
The question gets asked about this particular believer, if his faith is real?
I'm asking you today as you read this and are involved with the idea of seeing change in your life, Is your faith real?!
If it is, then you need to start putting some work to your faith.
When the people who Peter was preaching to on the day of Pentecost received his words and wanted change, Peter said to them to repent of their former ways and to be baptised in the name of Jesus and then to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
All of these things required an action from the people, firstly they repented, which involves asking Gods forgiveness and turning away from the way they had been living before this point. Changing behavior isn't easy, for most people who've been doing something perhaps for years, it takes a commitment to no longer continue what they were doing.
That's why I say this week is a start, but you need to be prepared to create a new habit that no longer includes walking in the bad behavior patterns or attitudes or mindsets, as that's what brings effective change!
When you let God really touch your heart and allow him to start to effect you, your behavior changes.
People could no longer recognise Saul who became Paul. They kept saying, isn't this the guy who came here to Damascus to lock up these Christians? But here he is trying to convince all of us to join them! What's going on here?
What was going on was that Saul had become a different person!
He met Jesus and such was the impact on his life, he turned a 360 degree change and ran with that.
This week is about realigning our life's course back on track with God.
Some crazy shooting vine branches are being pruned back into line with where they should be growing. Some wayward hearts are turning this week back to a love of God and doing things his way. Some hungry souls are being fed and some prisoners are being set free.
All of this is taking place as you allow Gods word and spirit effect you, so that the change that he's trying to bring to you, lasts longer than a day, or a week but makes of you a new man and woman.
Let God really change you this week. Allow him to effect you for good and you will become a new man and woman as you find that doing things Gods way brings incredible peace, joy and freedom to every part of you!

Written by Dade


Todays scripture is about understanding the need to get rid of the negative things that effect our heart. Jesus said that its not what comes into our mouth that defiles us, but what comes out from within.

"11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man."

Each day, we will publish a thought to motivate/inspire you. take the thought, and encourage yourself by repeating it within yourself as many times in a day as you can. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23 vs 7).

Your affirmation for today: "Today, I am believing that this is the beginning of the end of negatives (toxins) controlling me."

Prayer is really communication with God, so we're including suggestions as to what your could particularly be praying about for today.

1, Pray for Gods help in letting go of the emotional baggage of words spoken over you, that have poisoned you in the past.
2, Offer to God in prayer, any of the toxic thoughts we have been talking about, be honest, theres no one to hear but God, and let go of them.  
3, To identify those places in your life that need detoxed and to be able to let them go.
4, Keep committing to God in prayer, asking him to work with you. To make you the best you, ever. We all need to change. Pray and ask God to help you. He made you. He's the master of change.

In everything, there is a point of commitment to, or about, something. Whether that is towards another person, a job opportunity, a change within your own life, the taking up of a new hobby, or the making of a decision that will change your spiritual life.
Commitment changes everything, it takes life from the free trial period, before the agreement cuts in, into the active, I am in this for the long haul, positive state of being, that makes all the difference to how successful you are at what you take up and run with.
Commitment makes things serious, grown up, and very real... In commitment to anything, there is that moment of decision, that idea that you want to go further, don't want to mess around any longer, want to see result, change.
Commitment is that spark,that extra something, that will make the difference between you and the give up before we even begin, this is work, half hearted believer, beside you.
You are committing to this Detox week, and therefore you are going to be the one who keeps on running the race, right up to the end. Because you are placing importance on doing what ever it takes to be a happier, more fulfilled, more internally prospering you.

Quality of Life is important, its just not good enough to spend Earth time kicking around, with emotional, psychological, dysfunctional, areas, when we can see the end of these things. Seeing the back of all the self inflicted hurts and pain in life, learning how to let go of what is gnawing away, produces peace, something that we all need... in abundance.
Peace can be an elusive force, when you are engaged in living life, but Jesus has set up, for us as a believer, his peace, its not the same as the peace you feel when all is well, its not the same as the peace of beautiful scenery. Its a God inspired experience that comes from the relationship that you have with Christ, its something that is available to us all who are Christians.

To feel peace at will, takes us consciously getting in touch with the spirit inside of us in. We are going to be practicing this week, entering into Gods presence, in order to begin to feel the peace of Christ through our inner being.

We are also going to be working everyday with a scripture, meditate, or ponder, on that scripture throughout the day, as often as you can. That is because the Word of God is a precious gift to us. We are a generation that is blessed to have free access to the written word of God, where lies, life lessons for us, teaching, wisdom, and insight into the very heart desires of God for our lives, as individuals and as a God created species. His word is a lamp unto our feet, he directs our ways with it.

We have Audio tracks to encourage and guide you, uploaded daily, for you to follow. and listen to.
Ideally try to find as quiet a place as possible, to practice the exercises, and prayer, suggested.
The amount of time you take is up to you, the more time you have the better of course, but even Ten minutes, each day, will promote benefits to the spiritual you.
Set yourself to enjoy your experience this week, its not meant to be a burden!!! but more of a spiritual Spa break, within the confines of your own private space. So Enjoy....

Written by Jade