Worried Man

It's a question we all ask ourselves daily about a whole host of things, work, the family, finances, even the pet pooch. But when it comes to our spiritual life, it's not good to feel stumped.
How do I get closer to God? How do I take what I read in the bible and see it working in my life? How do I stand in faith? How do I get an answer to my prayers?
It can be frustrating if your someone who finds themselves in such a case, but with God and your spiritual well being, there are answers and there is help. A lot of things just need cleared up and a lot of things just need God educated.
Fortunately Jesus left someone with us who he said would guide us and lead us into all truth. In other words he'd help us to stay on the straight and narrow and teach us about what pleases God. That person is called the Holy Ghost who came on the day of Pentecost (read acts 2:1) to empower the church so that it is filled with Gods spirit, life and joy.
Your walk with Jesus should be good, alive and fulfilling.
If you think that you can live your Christian life based on your own ability or understanding, then that's the first place to make some changes!! The truth you need to first understand is 'you' can't achieve everything yourself but together with his help we can!
Proverbs says that " in the multitude of councillors, there is safety " which is so very true. The councillor we have been given by Jesus when he left this world, is the Spirit of God and if you open your heart to him, he will be that still small voice on the inside of you saying "this is the way, walk in it".
So first of all take in the thought that your spiritual life is just that, Spiritual, not carnal. That means you can't feed your inner man with earthly things to keep it fit and happy, it needs God food and the life of the spirit to make you alive.
God is a Spirit, not a human person, and our relationship with him is on a very different level to our other daily experiences.
That's not to say that he doesn't want to be involved in every aspect of our day, but that's where it takes learning how to see him included so that you begin to prosper.
A very simple way to include him his is taking some moments out to focus on him, not allowing the stress of your day swallow you up and through the day pray to him about things that are going on. You'll perhaps be surprised to find out when you do this, that things will run better.
However being guided by Gods Spirit is something to tap into and to learn how to walk in. In this busy carnal world that we inhabit, surrounded by the world and people who don't know Jesus or the truth, everything will attempt to drown out his voice and his word for you. Tuning in to hear him though is something VITAL to your life. It's really, really, really... and yes I stress once more, REALLY important to learn to hear his voice.
That doesn't always mean his voice booming at you from the clouds, it can be feeling at peace inside over a decision you've been struggling with (which of course you've prayed and asked about?) I say that because its a very good habit to at least ask God about something that's worrying you before you can say 'o God never speaks to me'.
The truth is God is always speaking to us, we just aren't always in the place to hear him!
However if you ask him something, even if you make a mistake and get it wrong, at least your attempting to learn how to be led by his Spirit, and that's a process of learning, it doesn't happen over night, so try and not get stressed over it.
What we're saying today is that God loves you and cares about your progress, and that your kept free from the traps of the enemy.
Your not alone in life anymore, Jesus is with you and he who began a good work in your life will perform it and fulfill it right up to the point he returns. Take courage and come closer once more to him and things will change for the better for you.
Have a great week and may God bless you above and beyond anything you can dare hope or imagine.