On the road

Ok so your not perfect. That may be a news flash to you, but nobody is! You know as we walk life's journey we learn a lot about who we are, and our strengths and our weaknesses, we learn our limitations and what we can achieve and it all builds a picture to us of what is possible and what is not.
However, when we walk with Jesus, he is perfect! When we walk with Jesus, we learn that in our weaknesses, his STRENGTH is perfected in us. When we do life's journey with his Spirit, then there are no limitations that can bind us and with GOD all things are possible.
I encourage each and everyone of you to get your eyes off of you and to put your eyes on him. That's the way to overcome, by overcoming THROUGH the power of his Spirit within us.
Each day we find challenges by the bucket load. Getting up in a morning to face work, dealing with relationships that are, shall we say, HARD. Not getting stressed because a car cut you off on the road; right through to the real hardships that life can bring, be it sickness or a problem that's tormenting your life.
Whatever it is and whatever shape it comes in, Gods power in us Is equal and more than equal to rise strongly in us and OVERCOME it!!!
So with saying that, we come to the 'How to' of the subject, and I'll give you a few buzz points to follow.

Do you remember when you were a child (some of you may need to rack your brains) but remember when your mum or dad told you NOT to do something that you thought at the time was a great idea?
Do you also remember the times that their well meant words fell on deaf ears as your under developed senses felt that jumping up and down on the bed was the best thing to do and you in fact jumped higher?
Do you also remember falling off soon afterwards and discovering painfully that perhaps, just perhaps, your parents had a wise thought about the whole bed jumping thing?
Of course you could insert many examples of childhood remembrances into this same train of thought.
Don't touch the flame, put down the knife, cats scratch, dancing on the table is a no no.
Now apart from you sounding mildly homicidal as a child right now, we're also trying to bring home an important point.

Worried Man

It's a question we all ask ourselves daily about a whole host of things, work, the family, finances, even the pet pooch. But when it comes to our spiritual life, it's not good to feel stumped.
How do I get closer to God? How do I take what I read in the bible and see it working in my life? How do I stand in faith? How do I get an answer to my prayers?
It can be frustrating if your someone who finds themselves in such a case, but with God and your spiritual well being, there are answers and there is help. A lot of things just need cleared up and a lot of things just need God educated.
Fortunately Jesus left someone with us who he said would guide us and lead us into all truth. In other words he'd help us to stay on the straight and narrow and teach us about what pleases God. That person is called the Holy Ghost who came on the day of Pentecost (read acts 2:1) to empower the church so that it is filled with Gods spirit, life and joy.
Your walk with Jesus should be good, alive and fulfilling.

One thing I've found doing life, which I hope helps somebody, is that you need the joy of the Lord constantly on the inside of you!
I've found if you allow the negatives to control you, how you feel and how you think, you end up in the 'depression zone'. It's not a good place to end up and is very destructive in what it brings inboard with it!
A successful life is a happy life and the kind of happiness that a child of God should have is not based solely on their circumstances whether they be good or down right awful.
I'm talking some heart joy that comes because we've received the Holy Ghost and he brings instant brightness into the darkest problem.
He is hope, he is joy, he is peace and soundness of mind and if he's allowed by you, he will cheer your heart with his presence.
Let's face it, as we do life we will run into the big old nasty of depression but it does not make a good traveling companion. It will talk you into a state of defeat, hopeless and unbelief!
It needs fought against, not wallowed in.
Proverbs 17:22 says this "A merry heart does good like medicine...". Let me tell you this, the joy of the Lord IS good medicine! It heals like a very effective balm upon your soul and mind and releases stress off you by the bucket load.
A joy filled heart repels the spirit of depression that's raging around the world that we live in. Depression has become one of the top destructive forces against the health of modern men and women.
If you want to travel the road of life with a negative spirit controlling you, every step is going to feel like a hundred!
Proverbs 17:22 goes on to say this and I think it encompasses all that depression does to a person, "but a broken spirit dries up the bones!"
Depression will start to break your spirit, attack your vitality of hope and grind down your vision till all you see is your problems and your failure, rather than the power of God that is within you!
Depression dries up your hope and then literally sucks the marrow out of life!
Join me today in saying this powerful word of God over your life.
"The joy of the Lord is my strength!"
A merry, joy-filled heart keeps you happy, free and in touch with Gods strength and overcoming power.
When Jesus touched someones life, he brought incredible joy into them. It became party time in their soul! Healing took place, salvation came and they were transformed into the kingdom of victory.
Why are you depressed? Hope in God, for he is the health of your countenance and your God!