Ok so your not perfect. That may be a news flash to you, but nobody is! You know as we walk life's journey we learn a lot about who we are, and our strengths and our weaknesses, we learn our limitations and what we can achieve and it all builds a picture to us of what is possible and what is not.
However, when we walk with Jesus, he is perfect! When we walk with Jesus, we learn that in our weaknesses, his STRENGTH is perfected in us. When we do life's journey with his Spirit, then there are no limitations that can bind us and with GOD all things are possible.
I encourage each and everyone of you to get your eyes off of you and to put your eyes on him. That's the way to overcome, by overcoming THROUGH the power of his Spirit within us.
Each day we find challenges by the bucket load. Getting up in a morning to face work, dealing with relationships that are, shall we say, HARD. Not getting stressed because a car cut you off on the road; right through to the real hardships that life can bring, be it sickness or a problem that's tormenting your life.
Whatever it is and whatever shape it comes in, Gods power in us Is equal and more than equal to rise strongly in us and OVERCOME it!!!
So with saying that, we come to the 'How to' of the subject, and I'll give you a few buzz points to follow.

1. Bring the problem to God in prayer.

Tips: Pray believing.
Some problems are harder to overcome than others, so pray without giving up.  
Step 1 is always bringing something to God first because real overcoming for us begins with turning the problem over to God in faith!

2. Determined to not quit.

If you've tried for a day or hour or even a week, you've not done enough. If you've tried for years, then perhaps your weary but still don't give up.
We need to finish trying when we've overcome and not before. It's that simple.
Tip: try and not focus incessantly upon the problem as all you'll do is get yourself into a wound up state. Step back from it and say 'I've given this to God and it's going to change but I'm not going to be brought down by this!'
(Then you regain your peace on the inside)

3. The power of God

One touch of his presence and ANYTHING will BREAK
When Jesus was confronted with death or lepers or blindness he didn't fall apart and say what shall I do, no within him was the power of God in the shape of the Holy Ghost! So that disease, that problem fled from before him and people got healed and delivered.
Tip: whenever you have the opportunity to come into Gods presence, then be reaching out for him to touch you!
Recognise within yourself, in fact say to yourself, 'God wants to touch me!'

4. Communication

If your struggling with something, then there's nothing wrong about coming to get help! Sharing the problem immediately brings it into the light and into the realm where others can pray or impart advise.
Tip: employ the advise.
Communication takes you from being an island alone to having the strength of others around you to help! When we fight a battle were not alone!

I hope this is helpful to you this week, but realise that overcoming is just what it says.
Getting the better of something, getting past it, mastering it CONQUERING it!!!