Hi Guys. We're entering a new week and I thought it might be good before we set off, to just focus on our motive in everything were going to do!
Having God as your focus and that you want to please him in the way you live, is the best motive possible!
Too often we can have our minds solely on the everyday problems and the things we need to accomplish that You and God can become disconnected in your week and life becomes about us and not him.
But life for us as Gods children, isn't the same as those who haven't had that revelation of who Jesus is, for us it should and always should be, about him!!
Paul said in Galatians 2:20 that he was 'crucified with Christ!' dead to his old man and sinful ways but added that 'nevertheless I live, because of Christ who lives in me!'
This is an amazing truth to grab hold of with all your might, that Christ, by faith actually lives on the inside of you and that means if we're open to his leading, he's always going to point you to God!
So you and I this week need to make him our motivation to spur us on to bigger and better things. Our lives have far more meaning and purpose to them, than just living life for the sake of it.
We have an incredible destiny in front of us and a goal to attain to, to become more like Jesus and less like ourselves. We're told to put on Christ, to literally clothe ourselves in him, his strength, his love, his peace and through the power of his Spirit grow into people who really do glorify him with their lives.
So let me encourage each one of you to spend some time with him and make all you do this week, be about pleasing him!
Hope you all keep well and live for Jesus and make him your motivation.