Once we have committed ourselves to a cause, there is no turning back. We have all made a decision to serve the cause of Christ and it was never one that we took lightly. It's our all for Jesus and we are set upon a path and a race that doesn't finish half way along the track or half way to our goal but it's to the very finish line itself.
To drop out midway is to lose our reward.

It's surprising and also frightening just how many people lose it all part way along the course. Jesus put it like this in Matthew. In the parable of the sower. How that the cares of this world, the riches, the little attitudes, the offences that steal in, and eventually the good seed gets choked out and the harvest is lost.
Its the depth of your commitment to what you've unequivocally believed that sees you through, that keeps you going, keeps you pressing on to the prize, that fixes your heart like an arrow aimed towards a mark and heads there straight and true.

Don't fool yourself, the devil is out to steal your reward. Just like he did with Esau who he managed to convince by some insane trickery that a bowl of lentils was more important than his eternal future and blessing and destiny, he got him to despise it in one moment but had him regretting giving it up for ever.
If you were to ask me is it worth giving up the cause that you've worked and believed in for years for the sake of one bump in the road, then I'd tell you without reservations don't do it.
The goal is worth the work, the effort and even the pain. We have an exceedingly great future and destiny with God. Our commitment needs to be strong towards that purpose.

If you were to understand the nature of father God you'd know that he is a faithful God. True to his word and keeps faith with us in a far greater level of commitment than any one of us can begin to conceive of. Without him remaining committed to our welfare we'd been in for very quick trouble.
With that In mind, why should we Show a heart that is any less committed to him. That cause comes first just like he does.
Gal 5:7 says " you were running well, who did hinder you that you should not obey the truth? This persuasion comes not from him that called you!
Would God, who in his divine wisdom, have placed you all this time in support of a cause suddenly turn round and go, oops that was a mistake, now I don't think so. This persuasion is not proceeding from God but the other chappy, the deceiver!
The cause of Christ does not have a u-turn sign midway along the road marked 'return to the world', cause we're told to run the race to the end.
Instead of your commitment growing weaker as you age, or as you allow the influences of other doubters who foul up their own faith to effect you, you need to re-energise your faith and hope by constantly reviewing your commitment level.
Some people live lives that are devoid of a cause to rally behind, you have the greatest cause ever that your living for! It's just not worth giving up part way to the prize.
Strengthen your faith and believe in the cause you've committed too, God will come alongside to make up any lack your feeling. It's through the power of his Spirit that you run your race successfully and effectively. Why are you listening to the voice of the enemy? Keep running, and keep fighting the good fight. Commit afresh to the cause of Christ and let his Spirit inspire you to greater effort.