Ok so right now you may feel like the last thing you wish to talk about is the positive, but God always is in the positive. There's nothing negative about God, or his Spirit within us.
If your finding yourself in a place that's depressing you, or bad stuff has occurred, then contrary to how you may be feeling, this is THE moment to get back into a place of faith.
You do this by getting Gods word around your ears and allow that vital connection of BELIEF to seize hold of the power in those words and turn around your fortunes immediately.
Faith is, after all, just a heart beat away from Gods children. You may step out of faith but that amazing gift remains with us forever. The difference is in how much we use it.
To have the 'Head and not the tail' revelation, is to understand Gods will for your life.
It's not about being superior to anyone, it's not about having more worldly goods than anyone but about understanding that your life is joined through Christ, to the power of Gods Kingdom. That Kingdom is the head and most certainly not the tail.
The lie that brings folks down, is that your problems your fears your situations are too hard for God to do anything about but the word says In Isaiah
"I AM God, is there anything too hard for me?"
Do you want to be the person who turns round to God and says yes?!
Yet we do that all the time.

“I'll never change this”
“It's hopeless”
“I've prayed and nothing's happened”

Firstly praying about something in your natural, and praying about stuff through the Spirit are two entirely different things.
The prayer of faith (the one empowered by the Spirit of God) has GREAT power made available to it but prayer from repetition or religion or from a start point of unbelief, will not bring the desired results.
Anyway as we were saying, God’s will for us is that we should be above our situations not our situations dumped on us, so we're found lying beneath the rubble of disaster.
God has made you to be the head! That which is glorifying to him, because let's face it, if your life is a mess as a child of his, then there's something wrong!
His aim for us is to be living the good life that he always predestined for us to live and that entails us first catching the revelation of those words.
Jesus came to give us life and that life in abundance and until it overflows.
Nothing of those words speaks to me of lack or limits or depression or disaster or living life through the eyes of defeat.
It says that Jesus defeated death and Hell for us so that we could rise again out of Spiritual death into a new life filled with hope and promise and the power of his Spirit at work within us to champion our cause in the battles that life throws our way.
Many Christians are just not in touch with this revelation and so they live in a defeated way in a kingdom that doesn't know the meaning of defeat.
You need to open your heart to God and pray he opens the eyes of your understanding that you may realise the exceeding greatness of his power that is to us who BELIEVE!!!
Then you'll start to comprehend the exciting fact that yes you were created by God, just like original Adam; to rule and reign as a son and daughter of the Most High, called to a purpose and experience that transcends the pitiful limits of this present world, and grabs hold of the mystery of the Kingdom of God that says your born again to win in life!!!