WaveWhat the church needs is the presence of God showing up within it! What you need right now in your heart and life is a lot more of his presence. His spirit, his presence, equals life. The absence of his presence in the church or your life equals a dried up form of what should be bursting with life and power and joy unspeakable and full of glory.
In all your asking in your prayers, make sure your priority is for more of his Spirit. You need to drink into that amazing river of life that is constantly flowing out from Gods throne.

Anything can become dry and habitual, even your Christianity. You can be going through the motions of what your supposed to do, and there's nothing wrong with reading your bible, praying  and attending church. But let's have Gods presence in the middle of it all. It's the spirit who breaths life into the body of the church. "And Jesus breathed on them and said receive ye the Holy Ghost ".

The Holy ghost is someone you receive into your life and he is the source of life for you and me. Jesus when he left the earth promised us another companion/ comforter ie: the Holy ghost, who could abide and remain with us forever, even the spirit of truth who would take the things concerning Jesus and reveal them to our hearts.
God says to us " open your mouth your heart and I will fill it". There is great great importance for us to be continually filled with the Holy ghost. It's as necessary for you and me as breathing in and out. It's only when we're drinking into the presence of God that we feel so alive and free and joyful and discover that our problems just evaporate like smoke in a breeze.

It's a good life that we've got in God, there are no negatives! Yet you see some Christians living as of it's an extremely painful process being involved with God, this is a big no no! I think this is because you've yet to connect with his amazing power and life.
There was a reason people who Jesus touched started jumping for joy. It was like having a bolt of electricity shoot straight through you and whatever was holding your life down was in one instant freed off your life, trust me I'm speaking from personal experience! When God manifests his spirit in you then your going to know three things. Firstly: "wow he's real!", Secondly: "you've never felt anything like him" and thirdly: "This is just what you've been missing all your life."
Nothing and nobody feels like Jesus does when he touches you. Jesus came to this earth in the flesh and his purpose in being manifest to mankind was so he could destroy the works of the devil and mess up the wicked ones control over us.

Be a person who wakes up to their deep all consuming need of Jesus in their life. Come to know his presence manifest within you and then your problems will change and your mentality about your future and your present will radicaly change.
Just let Gods spirit touch you today! Open your heart and welcome him in, he's about to do great things for you.