You know those kind of moments where something clicks in your heart that God has said to you? What do you mean no! Yes I saw you looking like i just said something off the charts. But God does Speak to us all the time!

Hi Guys, yes it's dade back to put a little God thought into your week. Nothing too profound, (although it might be) nothing to deep, (although it could be) but it will definitely be something to perhaps stir an idea in your heart that you are of interest to God! What a thought! That God is interested in us as an individual, that means guys and dolls just like you and me! Now as I began with this idea of something clicking in our heart and spirit, so I'll continue, because the word, those amazing words of God, need to connect with our spirit to really do something awesome in our lives. Change actually happens when the combo of the word, a willing heart and the Spirit connect inside of us. I don't know about you but I'm not always in a receptive place of heart, not all the time anyway and I need to bring myself back to the place where I get focused on Jesus. Away from all of the noise and business of the day and into a place where I catch what God is saying to me. You know if you just get quiet, you can hear God just saying something that will set your world to rights. A word that restores your peace and removes the frenzy of the enemy's blurge from your mind. Words that re-focus your efforts anew, and puts you back into a place of wonderful inner strength. We need those precious words of Jesus and we need to hear them to receive them. So listen out this week, he's trying to say something to you, that you need to hear!