There's an amazing passage of scripture in 1 John 4:4 that says these incredible words. 
"Because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world!" 
Do you really realise the true nature and reality of the person who lives on the inside of you? 
When your born again, the son of God comes into your life! Jesus makes his home in your heart by the Spirit of God who lives and abides with us forever. 
Someone greater than you, someone greater than the power of sin and death, someone greater than this world, in fact greater than everything and everyone, came into your heart and changed your destiny… FOREVER! I'm sure I'm hearing amens all over the place right now! 
This incredible person now lives within you, by a miracle of the Spirit who is inside us! How can we get hung up on our problems, how bad the economy is, how fearsome the devil is, how inadequate we are to do life, and even “how can God be all he says he is”, if we're like we are! But your problem is simple, your eyes are on your flesh and not on understanding who you've received!
Jesus said to some of his disciples “you don't know what Spirit your from”. In other words, your unaware of the nature of the person who's birthed you, and you really need to get a better understanding of who he is in your life, then you wouldn't be going around talking in a manner that is unlike him!

We have not received the spirit of fear so that we're brought back into a place of bondage, but we've received the Spirit of almighty God, so we can cry Abba Father! Or, ‘we're yours Father’. We’re like you, we're from you, we have our origin from and in You!
Our nature, if we yield to God, becomes influenced by his nature and the power that is within Christ comes into operation within US! That's how we begin to change from glory into glory, and become a battle winner and not a battle loser! That's how we connect with the understanding of the someone greater, being in our lives!
We have the choice to go it alone, of course we do, but there's no need to run our lives in a limited earthly way, when the son of God is inside our heart. 
Tapping into the real potential within, is about tapping into His power and Spirit. 
Without His Spirit, his precious Holy Ghost, poured out at Pentecost but here with US NOW, we are nothing and can achieve NOTHING! 
It's relying on his strength, that same resurrection power that raised up Christ from the dead, dwelling in us, that shakes the very gates of Hell itself, and transforms us into the very children of God!
Don't let life be empty of his presence IN you, but open up and enlarge a place in your life for him, to have an even greater impact upon you as you walk out this year, with his great power at work in your life.