Life has the potential to knock you down, let's face it it's extremely hard at times to maintain your "I'm above and not beneath" mentality, but the word says we ARE able to rise up and overcome! 
Your circumstances may have you pinned down beneath them, you may feel discouraged at your lack of progress in those areas of your life that your struggling to win the battle but the good news, nay, the great news is that residing on the inside of you is someone GREATER! 
He's greater than your problem, greater than your fear and able to help you rise up over the mountain your facing. 
Chose to believe that you can overcome, don't chose to listen to the voices that come filled with their negative advice, ie: "give up its hopeless".
And listen for the voice of God in your heart that's telling you "you are more than a conquerer through Christ who strengthens you!" 
Often we allow our problems to enclose us like dark clouds round the top of a mountain and we get swallowed up in the murk of it all but we need the light to be switched on as we come into Gods presence and have him reveal a different vision and picture in our hearts. One of victory and of us rising high above our troubles on the wings of his grace. 
It says in the word that in the last days we will be like the sons of God, overcoming and strong! 
In the book of 1 John the word says that "you are strong and you have overcome (risen above) the wicked one!" 
Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the life, he that believes in me shall never die!" 
We have received the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, therefore within us is his same mighty Spirit to give us the power to rise above so that yes, we will be "above and not beneath" our troubles or enemies. 
Gods Spirit within us is unsinkable, unshakable, unovercomeable!! (I'm not sure that last ones a word, but it says it all).