We need with a capital NEED to let the glory of the Lord fill our lives!
There's a verse in the bible that declares this "The whole earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."
Think of the great unfathomable depths of the oceans of the world. The deepest places of which no living man has either seen or gone down into. Then consider our God, eternal, stretching out his glory and power from the ends of a heaven that none can ever know.
You and I haven't even begun to experience who this awe inspiring God who dwells in a realm way above and beyond our small droplet of knowledge, is.
To therefore be a part, to have a place at all in his kingdom, is an honour that not one of us deserve. We are here by his grace, the grace of his Spirit and are made partakers of him through the blood of his son Jesus. It's through faith in his name that we entered into his kingdom and were translated out of the kingdom of darkness into his marvellous light. We need I say again, to let his glory, his Spirit fill our lives.
Another verse says this "The glory of the latter house is going to be greater than that of the former."
Something greater than we've ever known or seen is coming! Gods glory is going to enter the church in such a way that the very world will shake with his coming.
Increase is on it's way an increase of the manifest power and glory of God and we should be preparing our hearts for what God is about to do.
The whole earth is about to be filled with his glory like a great ocean sweeping in to cover everything with it's magnitude.
Remember the story of Mary where she came to anoint the feet of Jesus with that costly perfume? It says that when she broke the bottle, the whole room was filled with the amazing fragrance. It permeated every corner, it reached ever person in that room and no one was left in any doubt that something incredible had been released into the atmosphere.
God wants to release something of his Spirit and glory into your life. He wants to fill you, someone who is his child with his presence and glory so that the atmosphere changes within you. Out goes despair and gloom and shadows of darkness, doubt and unbelief, the sting of disappointments and brings instead the fragrance of heaven. Joy, favour, his goodness filling your heart his peace soothing every stormy doubt, unlocking revelation to you of who he is and how real he is.
This is when our Christianity becomes a living, dynamic, explosion of Gods presence and reflection. We are meant to be mirrors of his glory.
When Moses came down from the mountain and had been soaking in and beholding Gods glory, it says he had no clue that his face was shining with that same glory and power.
If your asking yourself how do I convince anyone to come and know Jesus, the answer is to get around the glory of God and your life will become an incredibly attractive proposition to others. What is it about them? They'll say and the answer will be God.
Just as you've born the likeness of earthly men and women, the word says we will take on the likeness of Christ from heaven and shine with a different kind of glory.
On the day of Pentecost, the fire fell and Gods glory, the Holy ghost, filled that upper room and every man and woman within it.
Out spilling from that room came a mighty flood of power that shook Jerusalem to it's foundation. Gods glory began to be manifest through the world.
Something amazing, like a great ocean of Gods glory is coming upon the earth. Be praying that you will be touched by what Gods outpouring. Let his glory fill you up till it's all of him and none of you.
Check it out, Gods a coming!!