Water Well

If we're living in lack in any area of our lives, then know this that God is not a God of lack. When I say lack, I mean to be living without abundance. To be in want spiritually, to be struggling in the fast drying up shallows of every area of life, to be living as the tail and not the head.
Our God is a God of abundance, not dearth, famine, want, shortfall, poverty but he creates in our lives the position of being FULL and running over.
We enter into and live in a narrow, cramped position, because we're not properly connected to our supply.
The word says that we are AMPLY supplied with his Spirit. There should be no drought in our soul, no dearth going on in our inner man but we should be (like the good book) says, like "a well watered garden."
I don't know about you but this conjures up, not a desert scene but something resembling a beautiful English garden in high summer, well stuffed with gorgeous flowers and fruit laden trees with the odd bee buzzing around happily in the sun.
You and I need to get, as I said before, properly connected to our source. This entails recognising that he is your supply first and foremost!

If you begin to look to God as your supply and not yourself, then things begin to not look quite so impossible.
Jade's been speaking about "the secret source" that is on the inside of each of those who have been filled with the Holy Ghost. There is an abundant well of living water that we should be drawing out of our lives.
If you want to experience this abundance, then it's source is from God's throne, not ourselves. We can't do what God can do and so when we try to live without the supernatural help of the Spirit, we fail and see no results but frustration.
King David in Psalm 34:8 said that we should "taste and see that the Lord is good! ". He said "blessed is the man that trusteth in God and that fear his name for there is no want or lack to those that fear him."
If you want Gods abundance in your life, then put some things right in your attitude and your behaviour towards him. The word says that we should fear him. Not dread him, but know how mighty and all powerful he is and this should lead to us walking differently towards him. People want all the blessing without the right walk. David walked before the Lord in the reality of who he was in his life. He didn't play around wilfully doing bad things and expect God to delight in what he was doing. No he loved God and out of his love and devotion, God brought David into a life that exploded with success after success and blessing after blessing but the abundance came because David knew God and his Spirit made his life flourish!
Psalm 34:10. "The young lions do lack and suffer hunger but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing!"
There is an abundant life waiting for you, it comes out of your relationship with God. It comes out of the deposit of his Spirit within you. I challenge you to do like Jacob did when he finally struck water digging a well and say "Spring up oh well!"