Calm Seas

"Fear not, only believe.."

To conquer the fear trap you need to trust a greater voice than what your own minds telling you.
If you've ever experienced fear of any kind be it large or small, then it's not a pleasant feeling. It can be so great that it can paralyse, defeat, unman the very depth of your being if you allow it too.
Fear is a formidable enemy that can't be given the opportunity to dominate your life.
What we can and should do, is resist fear and to allow an even more powerful force to drive out and away every trace of fear. I'm speaking of course about the love of God in our lives.
The word says that the love of God is shed right through and around our heart by the Holy Ghost. It's through the spirit of God that we even understand that we are loved by God our father and that his love will abide within us forever.
There is such a need in the church to be connected properly to Gods Holy Spirit! It's in knowing his voice in our hearts, that keeps us from listening too and worse, believing the lies of the devil.
God has not given to you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind!  We have been given the mind and spirit of Christ Jesus and that is how we know that fear, like any other power of the enemy, is defeated in Jesus name.
Fear grips your heart in a crisis or in a sudden emergency but it's the power of the love of God in our hearts that will ultimately win out!
Know Gods love within you today, get alone and feel his presence with you, that is when fear gets the boot as you begin to understand that the God who made everything, is with you.
There's nothing more comforting in trouble than when you know for a fact that Jesus is with you.
When Jesus stood up in the boat amidst that storm and rebuked the waves and stilled the gale, all of the fear drained out of his disciples to be replaced at awe at the power of this man. If Jesus can stop an earthly storm with just a few words, he can calm the most crisis like situation that your finding your life in today, with equal ease.
God doesn't belittle what we as humans go through, he just knows that at his word everything will be ok!!!
Because fear is something that grips the heart, ie: "mens hearts failing for fear.....". Or " fear gripped their hearts and they cried out...", it's important then that our heart is protected!
Armoured in the power of the love of God, fear has major trouble getting control. Fear is a controller, just like the word points out, " who all their lives were subject to fear...". Fear will subjugate you and bring you under it's control but it has no right to dominate your life!
Love on the other hand, Gods love, sets you free! The love of Jesus on the cross broke the power of the sin, the fear and the death! That love that took Jesus to the cross for you and I, proved more powerful than the gates of Hell itself. When you think about the lengths God went too, to restore us back out of a fallen state of doom, you understand that the love of God has no limits for us. That love crossed eternity to set us all free!!!
I say to you this week, fear not!! Just believe and let the Holy ghost show some of that boundless love of God, in your heart!