1. There's got to be love!

You can't be in a good relationship with someone if you hate them. There needs to be love, whether it's towards God firstly, your partner, your family, your friends and even towards your self. Love is the key ingredient that keeps any relationship on track. It's only when the love part is allowed to grow cold that a relationship winds up in trouble. The Bible talks about in the last days, the love of many waxing cold in God, that's a process it's referring too. It doesn't necessarily happen overnight but if you don't fan the flames of love, it can start to grow cold. In terms of our God life, we need to let the Holy ghost do some shedding abroad of the love of God in our hearts, so that we keep a strong connection with him. Its crucial that you keep the bonds of love strong and true towards those your in relationship with, it's the key component to making it work! Remember, love is the foundation upon which good relationships grow.

2. You got to commit to it

Building strong relationships involves commitment from both parties. In terms of God you can be assured he's doing his part towards us but that's not true of us all the time. How committed to God are you? Or your partner? Or those in your life? There needs to be a focusing of our intentions, to line up with our actions, to produce a certain standard of relationship that we're aiming for. God knows when we're real and so do others. So commit to the relationship, don't mess around with it because if your not serious about it, then it's doomed from the start! You got to show your in the thing, not playing around. You can undermine your happiness and those closest too you by just living with a "take it or leave it" attitude. Commitment is a good thing, it grounds you and settles you in a unshakable position and let's face it, there's plenty going on around us that wants to break apart theses important relationships in our lives. Don't give the enemy a door of opportunity, but put in place the building blocks of strength in your God life, your marriage and in every other important connection you have.

3. Take time.

Time people often say is at a premium! There's never enough of the stuff to go around for all you need to do in a day, week or year. Yet time needs to be controlled, not controlling us. If things get away from of us, i.e. you see your partner four times a week as you pass like ships in the night on the way to your separate jobs, then that's out of sync with where you want to be. You need to take time for those your in relationship with. It's not Enough to vaguely know and hope someone loves you but never spend more than a few minuets with them. This leads to trouble! If your too busy to sit down and take a little time with God for example, then your relationship suffers. If you never see your husband, then you end up strangers and strain is placed on the relationship. King David said this "lord help me to number my days so that I get a heart of wisdom". Often people get into the trap of not wisely using their time and the less important things get the bulk of your time instead of the other way around.
What you need to do, is make some adjustments that correct the imbalance and restores the priorities of your time. God first above all, then your partner and family and so on. Trust me you'll be glad you made the effort to put time in with those you love, and it will make everything in your life go better as well.