To go anywhere you need a plan. To achieve your goals you need to set them clearly in front of your eyes!! Don't wander goalless through life. Set some targets. Paul said, its like a man who runs a race to win a prize. He's running with the prize firmly in his sights. He wants it, he desires it and this desire propels him on to work hard enough, to train hard enough to obtain it! Stir up the gift.

This is the moment to unearth your potential. Potential is one of those words that talks of the promise of God for our lives. It's like the story of the man with the talents who having one, buried it out of fear of losing it but as the story shows, by burying it, he did lose it! Potential needs developing and encouraging in bucket loads! Do something with what Gods given you. If your an encourager, encourage! If your a helper, help! Gear up for the possibilities Gods bringing your way!!!

The word says make your plans clear so anyone can see it!! Get your faith up! Get Your hope up! Get your dreams in focus! Your mentality needs to be renewed to go for you dreams and to strive for the VISION Gods put in your heart!
Don't sit back and say it's not possible. Put aside the endless Distractions to your goal! Put aside Disinterest as it will eat at your potential and make you barren! Put Distance between you and past failures and don't give up on your journey towards success in this year!

Believe me, God's got something for you! Catch the vision and write it in front of your eyes this year! It's time to get up and go!!