Exodus 35:5 vs 21-22

The desire to do!
Willingness - a desire to do something without force!

Does God have to drag you kicking and screaming over the touch line of heaven?
Does God have to twist your spiritual arm up your back to get you to respond to him?
Does your attitude say that you really want involved in the process of becoming more like him?

Psalm 110:3 says "Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power". The word says THY people - those that are identified as Gods people, they are meant to be willing hearted.
I.e. "as many as were willing, gave!"

Unwilling people make excuses why not too!
It's interesting that anyone who doesn't want to do something, will always find an excuse why not too.
Unwilling to do comes out of a heart attitude, it's needful to see change in that area if you feel that any of this applies to you.
The reason is, God hates unwillingness but he loves willing people!

Willingness and Gods power = REVIVAL!!!

Gods power is moving today in this place! Are you willing? Are you responsive? Are you hungry and desirous for more of Jesus?
Then get a willing attitude around you that says a resounding YES to God. It will unlock Gods power in your life!

If you become willing hearted, you lose the battle and struggle that you've been engaged in with God! (resisting your own success I might add)
Unwilling people sabotage their own potential! How can you grow in your life as a Christian, as a parent, as a business person, as anything if your unwilling? You'll make just no progress at all!:
Remember this, unwillingness as an attitude in one area, usually effects the entire persons life. Willingness is a core attitude that can either make you, or break you if it's missing!
For example, if someone is unwilling to take advice, then that person goes on to make the mistake.
King David was willing to hear the prophet nathan and to turn back to the right way when he made mistakes. If David had been unwilling, he would never of ended his days so successfully, having triumphed over ALL of his enemies!

Is God stirring your heart tonight with his word? Is something deep on the inside of you responding to Gods call?
"As many as were willing and who's heart God stirred up, gave!"
Willingness produces a giving heart, that is the heart of God! God loved you and I so much that he gave his only begotten son..
Jesus was the greatest example of a man prepared to go to any cost and personnel pain, to fulfil the will of his father. Willingness to even face the death of the cross for us!
His life is the pattern by which we should live and if Jesus lived this way,
should you or I do any less?...