My words I have put in thy mouth.
Isaiah 51:16

"Open thy mouth and I will fill it!"

You can get to a place where your convinced its impossible!
Yet that's a lie!
Nothing is impossible with God.
Word of faith is what we live in and by.
Your belief system gets eroded by failure but faith acts
To restore your life back out of the impossibility trap.
See by faith! We walk by faith not by sight!

Romans 10:6

God says this "but the word is very close to you! (Jesus being the
Living word of God)"
In your mouth and in your heart that, YES you CAN do it!!
It's not impossible!!
Faith says it is.
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God!
That's why it's so good good good that God says that
He puts HIS word in our mouths!!
We don't need to go up to heaven to bring Christ down
To us, we don't need to go to hell to bring him back, he's risen
From the dead and defeated death for us,
The living word is within us!
By believing and confessing that God raised up Jesus from
The dead, we have salvation and enter into the
WORD of FAITH zone!!

Gods word needs to be constantly at work in your life. The words not dead, that's
The letter of the law, but it is active like yeast in bread dough.
It's alive, it's quickened by the spirit and produces FAITH in you!!

God says 'open your mouth and I will fill it!'

We should all be like hungry little birds with wide open
Beaks, looking to grab anything and everything that goes in
There! If your hungry for God, if your thirsty for his presence, then he IS GOING TO FILL YOU!!

The word of God is in you so you CAN do it!!!
You can do it, within you that word burns like an eternal flame that's
Just waiting to be released into dynamic action in your life and the
Lives of those that you share Gods word with!
God says "my word shall not return to me void and empty but it shall
Accomplish that which I've sent it to do!!"
It also says that "my word runs swiftly, speedily to fulfill what I've sent it to do!"
Sometimes it seems that your waiting forever to have the fulfillment
Of Gods word in your life, but actually that's only because we work and
Look at things through the eyes and timing of the human realm we walk in.
Gods word is at work in you and you need to keep speeding it on by
Your responses of faith and firm belief in that word.
Isaiah 55:11
"so shall my word be that goeth out of my mouth: it SHALL NOT return unto me
Void, but it shall accomplish that which I please and it SHALL prosper
In the thing where to I sent it!!"