So how are you all doing? I hope that life is treating you well! Can't believe that we're nearly half way through this year already, doesn't the time fly when your having fun!
At least something approximate to that I HOPE!
Anyway I thought I'd put pen to paper (actually finger to iPhone, but who's counting) and have a little time out and a convo while we have a moment.
I was just thinking this morning about the need to have endurance and some ever ready faith. It can be so easy to feel ones energies flagging and to be slightly running out of the old viv and steam, as your trundle through the year.
What seemed like an easy target, some months ago at the start of the year, may have become as distant and hard to attain as scaling Mount Everest big brother!
But that's where the old standbys of faith and endurance pop in to the lime light. Very necessary qualities I can assure you, particularly when accomplishing a goal or carrying out purpose are concerned.
I know that enthusiasm can only carry you so far in a venture before you hit the rough stuff and learn that it's not all plain sailing as you thought! And it's then that these God blessed companions kick in.
ENDURANCE! What a word! It can sound on the face of it like something altogether painful and a lot of hard work into the bargain, but believe me it's actually advertised most favourably by God in that all time best seller........the bible!

Have you ever felt so hungry in your soul for God that it aches? Have you ever felt so thirsty in the depths of your being that your longing for just one moment to drink into God?
Well that was the psalmist David in Psalm 42:1
"As the deer pants and longs for the waters brook, just so does my soul thirst for you!! My soul thirsts for you as if in a dry and barren land, where no water is to be found!!"
It's very good to never take for granted the presence of God or his precious Spirit. The feel of him, the touch of his hand, the way he satisfies the deepest longing of your heart like no other person ever can. I'm talking God here, the living God and Jesus who said that out of our innermost being would flow rivers of living water. Life giving, life changing water for the soul. A river of Gods power and Spirit that frees us, heals us and transforms us from dry empty vessels by some desolate wilderness road, into the very resemblance of the garden of God!!
Just one touch of his presence is the difference between hope and despair! Light and darkness, going on or giving up the struggle but God says to you today that your struggle is not in vain in The Lord. He sees your heart, he hears the cry of hunger and thirst for more of him and he's going to fill you up so full of him that you will literally overflow with his goodness and his joy.
It's time for you to get serious about him once again, it's time for you to return to your first love and be the man and woman who says God I'm giving it all to you and for you. Come and fill me, come and fill me... and do you know what? He's going to do just that!!

How many times have you uttered that woeful expression?! "I've tried Lord". A lot of people build the rest of their lives on those very words, from the moment that they are no longer willing to 'try' again. It becomes almost their excuse as to acceptance of failure!
But I'm here to tell you the truth, that just because you've tried before, once, twice, seventeen times before, gives you no excuse to give up trying at all.
To give up is to accept defeat and to rubber stamp in your own mind and heart that the thing is impossible.
God looks for those who try and even if in their weakness they fail, he still expects them to lift themselves up by the taking hold of his hand of power, and dust themselves down and to try again.

People who keep going towards the promise, are those who in their heart believe that the promise is true and that if God has said it, then if they begin to line up their trying with his game plan for success, they will receive that amazing inheritance.
Failure is a state of mind that people get into when they're trying fails to produce the results they hoped for, but it shouldn't be the end of your story!
We should live with this mentality:
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.."

SAS Window

What you and I have that is clearly different from someone who doesn't know God yet, is a future and hope. This is the result of what Jesus did for us on the cross and what his resurrection confirmed. You and I who have received Jesus into our hearts as our Lord and saviour, have been given eternal life! Has there ever been such a great gift as that?

We're in the holiday season in the run up to Christmas, lots of gifts (hopefully) are coming your way, but no matter how great the box of aftershave or perfume are, they pale into utter insignificance compared to the gift Jesus gave us.
Mans greatest fear from the dark mists of time has been death. The bleak emptiness of future, the seventy years or so that he's allotted and then nothing but darkness at the end of whatever he's been doing during his life. Everything, all money earned, the relationships formed, the love, the tears, the anger, the pain, all was for nothing... that is, until Jesus came to save us!