1 jn 2:14 "You are strong and the word of God abides in you and you have overcome the wicked one!"

We need the word of God abiding, living and dwelling on the inside of us.
This scriptures talking about the impact Gods word has upon us and our ability to OVERCOME!
We are a people who were created by God to overcome the wicked one.
Not in our own strength or power but because of the word of God that lives and operates by the Spirit of God in us.
You and I need to be meditating and receiving Gods word everyday. It's as vital to our spiritual health, as eating is to our physical.
The word of God keeps us spiritually alive and growing as we allow the Holy Ghost to teach us and reveal Jesus to our hearts.
Being in a world where everything about truth and what's good or right, is being systematically attacked, it's very important that we're hearing the truth of the word of God EVERYDAY!!!
To fight effectively against the pull of the lie, you need the sword of truth that is the word of God.
There is a great need for you and I to go armoured in the word and spirit of God, as we fight our daily fight. We have a very real adversary who's only aim is to pull you away from the truth on which you stand.
It's important therefor to know how to be an overcomer and how to implant Gods word in our hearts!
This verse in 1 john 2:14, talks about Gods word abiding in our hearts. Abide means to remain constantly there, to live and to dwell with someone. This is what Gods word should do, it should not be snatched away from us by the devil. We should hear it and receive it deep inside our heart.
That word is the key to overcoming the wicked one, which is why he hates the idea of us connecting with what Gods saying!
Jesus came as the living word, just like he put it. "my words, they are spirit and life" (or full of life)
It's the living word of God that we're talking about. The word that gets written on the fleshy table of our hearts. Words that hold power and victory against the enemy.
I pray God stirs your heart this week to not only hear the word but to have it implanted deep within you, so that it becomes the genesis for victory in your day to day walk with him!

Does life go smoothly for you? are you the type of person that sails through work and play without a single thing going wrong? Er.. bet your not!!! I know in heaven nothing goes wrong, but down here on planet EARTH plenty goes wrong...and if your even slightly like me, thats every day.
Ok, so sometimes its just stupid simple stuff, like famed international coffee shop with super coffee making masters, who even after two or three goes cant seem to master the regular old latte, without making it taste like you've signed up for a course in swallowing acrid poison. Or the annoying traffic trailing down the road at 30 in a 60 zone, created by, darling old Lady who cant drive, with all the time in the world, dawdling along, whilst you've got a vital reason to be in town fast...
Other times though, its stuff that isn't easy to brush off and just isn't funny, that leaves you with the feeling that God just doesn't get what life is like down here..he doesn't ever seem to try to give you a break on life. You pray for grace, strength, patience all the right stuff to cope, but bottom line... your just not feeling it...right!!!!
You have listened to the latest prosperity teaching, positivity statements, healing ministries, faith teachers and, if your honest, are still not convinced that Gods on your side at all.
Questions DO come into our heads when things go wrong, when bad stuff happens for whatever the reasons, most of us quake in our boots, and go reaching for doubt and uncertainty, thats because we ARE only human, we ARE weak, and we DO need at times to feel comforted. This doesn't faze God at all, he deliberately left a comforter with us, the Holy Spirit, so that, if we learn how to connect with him, we don't need to feel so alone in our struggles. The New Testament gives tons of examples of the Apostles interacting with this same Holy Spirit, telling of how they went through many trials and tribulations, in the spreading of the Gospel, being continually in need of strength and comfort from him, so that they could achieve what would be impossible without him.
Wisdom says then, get in sync with the Holy Spirit, so that when trouble strikes your ready, so that in whatever situation you and I find ourselves, be it everyday nuisances, or life challenging circumstances, we will be able to say, Greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world, We are more than conquerers, we will fight. No matter what it takes we will not be driven by uncertainty, but by Faith in Christ Jesus, to a victorious, overcoming life.

Rock Face

Don't be someone that let's go of their faith! Jesus said that if we would believe, we would see the glory of God in our lives.
That takes a perseverance in someone and a holding on in their heart to what God has said.
The word says that it is a good thing that your heart be established in faith.
That means standing upon the word while the tests of life are going on around you.
Like Jesus asleep in the boat in the storm, as far as he was concerned, they were all going across the lake in one peace, and no storm was going to alter that word of faith!
Situations can try us, can test us and are meant to perfect us! (remember that if you can, while your facing your storms. It's not always that simple of course)
However one thing I have learned in life and that's this, that God is faithful! He's true to his word and his word works.
Within us he has implanted the good seed of the word, I believe in good soil, therefore a harvest is on the way.
You need to apply your faith, and not just mind faith. When I say mind faith, I'm referring to the difference between what we believe in our head and what we believe in our heart.
Faith is something that arises in our hearts first, not our minds.
A mental belief will not carry the day but heart faith will.
Jesus said that it was with the heart man believes unto salvation, not the mind.
If your finding your faiths not seeming to be working right, then check its heart faith, not just a mental belief.
In God it's not a case of mind over matter that produces the victory for us, but Holy Ghost inspired faith that comes from hearing God speak!
That's the kind of belief that arises in the midst of our darkest moments and calls God faithful and stands firm through it all, declaring the unseen as if it's seen and the victory as already won!
We read also in Hebrews 11:6 how that without faith, it's impossible to please God and this is because Gods not programmed to respond to our unbelief or our mental desires. His power, Jesus said was triggered by our faith.
If you recall the story of the little lady with the issue of blood, it was her faith and the reaching out to touch Jesus, that caused the virtue to leave Jesus, enter into her body and make her whole!
Your faith needs stirred up! Troubles and life have a habit of desensitising
You to God and his Spirit in you, that's why you should actively encourage your faith with rehearsing his word within your self daily.
Talk to yourself about his power and his promises to you and feel his Spirit within you begin to arise!!!
This week read Hebrews chapter eleven, and begin to remind yourself about faith and it's importance to you everyday.

Realign your focus this year back onto Jesus.
Hebrews 12:2 says that we need to be looking to Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith.
He has begun a good work in you and he wants it to continue this year!!!
Today we're all about bringing your attention back upon God! Can I have your attention?
Distractions are all around us. Distractions from vision, distractions from whom God really is, distractions from his power and his word for your life, so it's time to set your spiritual eyes back upon Jesus.
He's the only one who matters, it's all about him!
If you don't have your eyes focused upon him, then it's on something else !
There is plenty of meaningless stuff that can wrap up our attention. It can be simple things but if they take your attention and focus from Jesus, then it's time to reset your priorities!
1 Cor 9:24 talks about our lives being in a race, and all of us run it for a prize. Make sure that the prize you've got, the vision, the goal you've got, is Jesus! He is the ultimate prize!
Paul said that 'this one thing I do, forsaking everything else, I run to win the prize of the high calling, which is found in Jesus Christ!!'
Your year will have definite vision, when Jesus is the true reason your running.
Philipians 3:13-14 "I press towards the mark/goal/the prize…" Like an arrow aimed directly at the centre of a target!
Jesus said that the road to life was narrow and straight. It's a road you don't want to be distracted from, which could cause you to veer off to one side or another.
Let's make a whole hearted commitment to follow Jesus this year!! and remember, to follow someone successfully, you need to keep your eyes on where their heading!!
Try following someone and then take your eyes off them, like in the old private eye movies, and you end up losing the person your after!
Jesus said follow me, not anything else!
If we keep our focus on him this year, then I guarantee you, you'll be led towards all that's good for your life!!!!