How many times have you uttered that woeful expression?! "I've tried Lord". A lot of people build the rest of their lives on those very words, from the moment that they are no longer willing to 'try' again. It becomes almost their excuse as to acceptance of failure!
But I'm here to tell you the truth, that just because you've tried before, once, twice, seventeen times before, gives you no excuse to give up trying at all.
To give up is to accept defeat and to rubber stamp in your own mind and heart that the thing is impossible.
God looks for those who try and even if in their weakness they fail, he still expects them to lift themselves up by the taking hold of his hand of power, and dust themselves down and to try again.

People who keep going towards the promise, are those who in their heart believe that the promise is true and that if God has said it, then if they begin to line up their trying with his game plan for success, they will receive that amazing inheritance.
Failure is a state of mind that people get into when they're trying fails to produce the results they hoped for, but it shouldn't be the end of your story!
We should live with this mentality:
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.."

Heavy Load

Your day does not need to resemble the proverbial train wreck, it doesn't need to be painful, today can be a good day!
The reason it can be, is because Jesus is with us and if he's in your day, then no matter what confronts you, it doesn't have to steal your joy or your peace!
Feeling at peace, feeling happy and joyful on the inside are two important ingredients in your day to day walk.

If your tormented, or upset and unhappy on the inside, then somethings going wrong.
It means your circumstances are not only pressing around you, they've got into you and are making your life miserable, when in Christ, you should be a peace and in you right mind.
We've been given the mind of Christ and that is true peace from God and victory over the troubles we confront daily.

Exodus 35:5 vs 21-22

The desire to do!
Willingness - a desire to do something without force!

Does God have to drag you kicking and screaming over the touch line of heaven?
Does God have to twist your spiritual arm up your back to get you to respond to him?
Does your attitude say that you really want involved in the process of becoming more like him?

Psalm 110:3 says "Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power". The word says THY people - those that are identified as Gods people, they are meant to be willing hearted.
I.e. "as many as were willing, gave!"

Truck on a road

Hi everyone. Welcome to on the road, and some hopefully helpful thoughts about your journey through life.
We've all got a race to run, it takes a multitude of different shapes and forms depending on each of our particular circumstances, but one thing we have in common with each other, we're all saved by the grace of God!
That grace is what I want to bring to your minds and hearts as it's a vital part of making a success out of our lives.
For example if you make a mistake or are less than perfect, as we all are I might add, then who comes along to sort us out, dust us off and set us back on our little feet again ready for another bash at the mountain? That's correct it's Gods grace!