Water Well

If we're living in lack in any area of our lives, then know this that God is not a God of lack. When I say lack, I mean to be living without abundance. To be in want spiritually, to be struggling in the fast drying up shallows of every area of life, to be living as the tail and not the head.
Our God is a God of abundance, not dearth, famine, want, shortfall, poverty but he creates in our lives the position of being FULL and running over.
We enter into and live in a narrow, cramped position, because we're not properly connected to our supply.
The word says that we are AMPLY supplied with his Spirit. There should be no drought in our soul, no dearth going on in our inner man but we should be (like the good book) says, like "a well watered garden."
I don't know about you but this conjures up, not a desert scene but something resembling a beautiful English garden in high summer, well stuffed with gorgeous flowers and fruit laden trees with the odd bee buzzing around happily in the sun.

1. There's got to be love!

You can't be in a good relationship with someone if you hate them. There needs to be love, whether it's towards God firstly, your partner, your family, your friends and even towards your self. Love is the key ingredient that keeps any relationship on track. It's only when the love part is allowed to grow cold that a relationship winds up in trouble. The Bible talks about in the last days, the love of many waxing cold in God, that's a process it's referring too. It doesn't necessarily happen overnight but if you don't fan the flames of love, it can start to grow cold. In terms of our God life, we need to let the Holy ghost do some shedding abroad of the love of God in our hearts, so that we keep a strong connection with him. Its crucial that you keep the bonds of love strong and true towards those your in relationship with, it's the key component to making it work! Remember, love is the foundation upon which good relationships grow.

SAS Window

What you and I have that is clearly different from someone who doesn't know God yet, is a future and hope. This is the result of what Jesus did for us on the cross and what his resurrection confirmed. You and I who have received Jesus into our hearts as our Lord and saviour, have been given eternal life! Has there ever been such a great gift as that?

We're in the holiday season in the run up to Christmas, lots of gifts (hopefully) are coming your way, but no matter how great the box of aftershave or perfume are, they pale into utter insignificance compared to the gift Jesus gave us.
Mans greatest fear from the dark mists of time has been death. The bleak emptiness of future, the seventy years or so that he's allotted and then nothing but darkness at the end of whatever he's been doing during his life. Everything, all money earned, the relationships formed, the love, the tears, the anger, the pain, all was for nothing... that is, until Jesus came to save us!

Hey guys. In thinking about what to say to you all as a piece of good God advice, this is what came to me.

Don't wander aimlessly in your Christian walk. (let's face it this section is supposed to be called on the road)

Now I'm not going to go into anything too deep, nor am I going to ramble on for ages, all I'll do is say that you need a "God plan" for your life.

It makes sense. No plan and no vision equals what the bible refers too as "perishing". Or ceasing to exist! Or winding up like the children of israel in the wilderness, who wandered aimlessly round the same mountain in their life for many years.
So instead of living without a clue as to what your aiming for, set goals to focus you on a definite direction.