To go anywhere you need a plan. To achieve your goals you need to set them clearly in front of your eyes!! Don't wander goalless through life. Set some targets. Paul said, its like a man who runs a race to win a prize. He's running with the prize firmly in his sights. He wants it, he desires it and this desire propels him on to work hard enough, to train hard enough to obtain it! Stir up the gift.

This is the moment to unearth your potential. Potential is one of those words that talks of the promise of God for our lives. It's like the story of the man with the talents who having one, buried it out of fear of losing it but as the story shows, by burying it, he did lose it! Potential needs developing and encouraging in bucket loads! Do something with what Gods given you. If your an encourager, encourage! If your a helper, help! Gear up for the possibilities Gods bringing your way!!!

The word says make your plans clear so anyone can see it!! Get your faith up! Get Your hope up! Get your dreams in focus! Your mentality needs to be renewed to go for you dreams and to strive for the VISION Gods put in your heart!
Don't sit back and say it's not possible. Put aside the endless Distractions to your goal! Put aside Disinterest as it will eat at your potential and make you barren! Put Distance between you and past failures and don't give up on your journey towards success in this year!

Believe me, God's got something for you! Catch the vision and write it in front of your eyes this year! It's time to get up and go!!

A lot of us can become set in our ways! That part is very easy to do, the hard part is coming to know it and learning how to break the mould! If you live life a certain way, go to work at the set time, have the same grumble about the traffic, have the same view about your life and prospects, continue in a set routine for a long long time, then it all leads to a set pattern of events developing around your life.
With God though, he wants more for us than to become spiritually, or physically, set in our ways!
There's much much more to our amazing God than an observance of rituals, be they spiritual or encompassing every other aspect of our walk.
Breaking bad life patterns, or just moving with Gods timing for us, is a learned art. The problem being that we're all inclined to get comfy in the familiar surroundings that we live in, be they good or even bad. A prisoner can get used to and even begin to feel safe inside the bars that surround him.

Anyone who goes on to reach their full potential in life, will go through the mould breaking we're talking about here. Hebrews 11:8 and Genesis 12:1 recall that even Abraham, the father of faith was told to get up from his city, his country, his job and his friends and family, to follow God towards his promise. His heart though, saw something incredible contained in what God was saying to him and so he packed up everything and saw amazing multiplication around him begin to occur. If he wasn't laden down with many goods before he left, then by the time he positioned himself in line with God's word for his life, he soon was. God, it says, blessed him incredibly till he out shone all in the land that God sent him too to inherit.
Sometimes we can dwindle and die off if we remain static and held up on our base camp. Life with God revolves around faith and being always ready to move on! After all, as Abraham learned, he was a stranger and a pilgrim seeking a better, higher purpose and destiny than he ever would have had, if he'd remained constructing idols in ur of the Chaldeans.
I remember the story of Elijah 1 kings 17:1-17 and the ravens, how God sent him to the brook Cherith and fed Elijah during a very severe famine with bread in the morning and meat in the evening, delivered by air mail (or in reality the ravens) and how this continued many days. Every day Gods provision came without fail, morning and evening but one day, the brook began to dry up as the famine got worse, and it came time for a change!
You know you can stay in one place for a long time, but there comes a point where Gods calling for a change, for you to rise up in faith and embrace the new thing he's doing!
In Elijah's case, his comfy river life was replaced by the sight of a little widow woman in Samaria, gathering a few dried up sticks to cook the last of her meagre provisions for her and her son, before they too perished in the famine, but Gods plans always work out!
Far from it being the last meal of the widow and her son, by giving first to Elijah, all of them were fed in a miraculous way till the famine broke!
This is because the God we have believed in, is a living God, not a stone idol or a myth conjured up by a mysterious guru!
Our God is real and he desires us to know that and to experience him in our day to day walk.
We need him so much and it's his spirit in us that stops the River of our life from turning into a stagnant pond! His desire is for us to inherit his promise for our lives!
We've been told that the promise is for us! What we need to do is break the mould of indifference, fear, indolence and ignorance and arise to his great call!

Jn 1:16-18

"For out of his fullness (abundance) have we all received, grace upon grace (blessing upon blessing, favour upon favour).
For the law was given by Moses but grace (Gods unmerited favour) and truth, came by Jesus Christ!!

What Jesus actually did when he came to this earth two thousand years ago, was to bring our lives back into a place of favour with God.
If your in a position of being out of favour with a friend or associate of yours, you know about it. The way they look at you, how your perceived, the things that you won't have access too about them, all go to paint a picture of you out in the cold.
This was man in regards to God before Jesus came to bring him back, by the sacrifice of his life on the cross, into a place where we could have fellowship and friendship with God our creator.
It's such a precious thing to have been given grace and favour with our Heavenly Father.
Life without him was a cold and brutal place. It consisted of between forty and eighty years and then hell.

Worried Man

It's a question we all ask ourselves daily about a whole host of things, work, the family, finances, even the pet pooch. But when it comes to our spiritual life, it's not good to feel stumped.
How do I get closer to God? How do I take what I read in the bible and see it working in my life? How do I stand in faith? How do I get an answer to my prayers?
It can be frustrating if your someone who finds themselves in such a case, but with God and your spiritual well being, there are answers and there is help. A lot of things just need cleared up and a lot of things just need God educated.
Fortunately Jesus left someone with us who he said would guide us and lead us into all truth. In other words he'd help us to stay on the straight and narrow and teach us about what pleases God. That person is called the Holy Ghost who came on the day of Pentecost (read acts 2:1) to empower the church so that it is filled with Gods spirit, life and joy.
Your walk with Jesus should be good, alive and fulfilling.