Eagle Soaring

Sometimes when we get busy about our day or week, we can become rapped up in a lot of stuff; You've got that assignment for work due in on wednesday, the dog needs it's yearly shot, there's that bill come in that needs paid and your sure you didn't spend that much or it's soccer practise for little johnny, but amid all the "busy" don't forget God.
It's easy to get caught up in what Jesus described as the "cares of this world" that we forget or become distracted from the one who gave us everything that we have.
Yes life has the habit if you let it, whilst we're doing all that we've got lined up, to take our eyes off of the most important person of all.
We can even miss, or not notice just how much that person does for us each day. Where would you be without Jesus?

WaveWhat the church needs is the presence of God showing up within it! What you need right now in your heart and life is a lot more of his presence. His spirit, his presence, equals life. The absence of his presence in the church or your life equals a dried up form of what should be bursting with life and power and joy unspeakable and full of glory.
In all your asking in your prayers, make sure your priority is for more of his Spirit. You need to drink into that amazing river of life that is constantly flowing out from Gods throne.

Anything can become dry and habitual, even your Christianity. You can be going through the motions of what your supposed to do, and there's nothing wrong with reading your bible, praying  and attending church. But let's have Gods presence in the middle of it all. It's the spirit who breaths life into the body of the church. "And Jesus breathed on them and said receive ye the Holy Ghost ".


We need with a capital NEED to let the glory of the Lord fill our lives!
There's a verse in the bible that declares this "The whole earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."
Think of the great unfathomable depths of the oceans of the world. The deepest places of which no living man has either seen or gone down into. Then consider our God, eternal, stretching out his glory and power from the ends of a heaven that none can ever know.
You and I haven't even begun to experience who this awe inspiring God who dwells in a realm way above and beyond our small droplet of knowledge, is.
To therefore be a part, to have a place at all in his kingdom, is an honour that not one of us deserve. We are here by his grace, the grace of his Spirit and are made partakers of him through the blood of his son Jesus. It's through faith in his name that we entered into his kingdom and were translated out of the kingdom of darkness into his marvellous light.

Once we have committed ourselves to a cause, there is no turning back. We have all made a decision to serve the cause of Christ and it was never one that we took lightly. It's our all for Jesus and we are set upon a path and a race that doesn't finish half way along the track or half way to our goal but it's to the very finish line itself.
To drop out midway is to lose our reward.

It's surprising and also frightening just how many people lose it all part way along the course. Jesus put it like this in Matthew. In the parable of the sower. How that the cares of this world, the riches, the little attitudes, the offences that steal in, and eventually the good seed gets choked out and the harvest is lost.
Its the depth of your commitment to what you've unequivocally believed that sees you through, that keeps you going, keeps you pressing on to the prize, that fixes your heart like an arrow aimed towards a mark and heads there straight and true.